coiba island

Coiba island National Park

Coiba island is UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Marine Park, is home to many rare & unique species. Isla Coiba was the site of one of the last remaining penal colonies. After the close of the prison in 2005, scientists and researchers found the islands and the surrounding seas to be in an extraordinary state of conservation

At Discover Hidden Panama we do things with a purpose. With us you don’t just dive with turtles, snorkel with Whale sharks, trek through the jungle or watch whales. You see and experience these things while you are helping to protect them. Visit Coiba island and join our expeditions, programs or workshops.  Learn more about the ecosystems surrounding you.  Understand the importance of conservation and preservation. With us you get adventure, knowledge and the chance to make a difference.

Humpback whale at coiba islandWhale watching in Coiba island, Panama (August to November 2017)

Humpback whales come and visit us during the months of July and November. Humpback whales migrate from the cold Antarctic ocean and southern seas to the much warmer waters here in Panama to give birth and nurture their calves. Spectacular sightings, an unforgettable experience. It is a real pleasure and a thrill to see Mother playing with her ​​offspring. Check our whale watching expeditions and reserve your date here.

Snorkeling ExpeditionsTurtle at coiba island

Have you ever imagined snorkeling the islands of the pacific and Coiba National Park and the pristine coral reefs. Do you believe in amazing encounters with the colourful inhabitants of the oceans and some thrilling moments with reef sharks. Have you dreamed of swimming the most isolated sandy beaches. Our unique and exclusive snorkeling expeditions will make your dreams ….join us

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