University Study Programs


Study in Panama, Coiba National Park, Montijo Bay Wetlands and surrounding area with Discover Hidden Panama. With years of experience working with multiple research groups, universities and NGOs, we are here to help you with your study projects. We offer custom packages tailored to accommodate your areas of study for individuals or university groups.

We have numerous ongoing projects with multiple international NGOs, helping them to monitor, discover and preserve the many species located here. We would love to invite you to participate in these important projects with us; collecting data and specimens, recording observations and species counts. We also have the experience and the guides to take you to the different areas in the park to conduct your own research studies. Study in the sea, mangroves, or primary rainforest.


Certified in GIS & Remote Sensing to help you with your research projects.

Contact us here with questions and we can help you personalize a study trip.

Study Abroad in Panama

We offer guided tours through what researchers are calling the most diverse and pristine mangrove in Central America. In our wooden cayucos, used by the indigenous, we can quietly sleuth through the mangroves studying birds, fish,, turtle and reptile species that come to feed and nest in this hidden ecosystem. Travel by boat to Golfo de Montijo, declared an internationally important wetland by UNESCO; an area protected for its infinite biodiversity. Explore the deep inlets of mangroves, home to a multitude of species. Explore the untouched mangrove forest on Isla Coiba, home to red, white and black mangrove. Join us in our work with mangrove conservation agencies, researching and protecting this important forest.

University Studies in Panama Snorkel and Dive

One of the best and most popular ways to study in Coiba National Park. Our dive instructors and guides have worked with researchers, participating in studies ranging from coral growth and discovering new species of coral to jellyfish studies. Our instructors have even led the dives for National Geographic researchers at some of the most remote dive spots in the area. Whether your research includes studying the humpbacks, shark species, corals or dolphins, we can provide you with the experience and help you need to complete your research.

Study abroad Panama Rainforest research

Trek through over 108,000 acres of untouched primary rain forest on Isla Coiba with our experienced naturalist guides. With its numerous rare and endemic species and its incredible state of conservation, UNESCO has labeled it an extraordinary science resource. On Coiba, researchers have discovered hundreds of species of plants, birds, insects and animals that are new to the scientific community. Our guides are here not only to provide you with information about the history, flora and fauna of the island, but help you to find what you need to complete your research. Go at your own pace, we are here to help you. We offer guided hikes to the prison stations on the island, as well as to the site where researchers are uncovering pre-Colombian ruins. Along the way, visit the beach where four different species of sea turtle nest.