Tropical Rainforest Trekking Expeditions

Our tropical rainforest expeditions are not only for pleasure. You could also learn and study some of the inhabitants of the tropical rainforest by enrolling in one of our conservation, educational and volunteer programs. Who knows, you could even identify a new species! At Discover Hidden Panama, our mission is to add a aspect of conservation and preservation education to each of our tropical rainforest tours and expeditions. We want travellers to find causes they are passionate about and equip them with knowledge to continue spreading awareness in all their future travels.

With over 100,000 acres of pristine, primary tropical rainforest and 5000 acres of mangrove forest, Coiba National Park is one of the most unexplored islands on the North American continent. Only some of the residents of the past penal colony (closed down in 2005), ventured out into the tropical rainforest – sometimes never to come back. Our Panama tropical rainforest expeditions will lead you to endangered American Crocodiles lurking around the river beds, snakes sliding through the thick vegetation, monkeys howling in the tree tops, and birds singing early in the morning. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will walk you through the past with our cultural historical walks.

 All of our trekking expeditions are tailor-made for all age groups and levels. Basic hiking and survival training is included.

Tropical rainforest fact

A tropical rainforest occurs roughly within the latitudes 28 degrees north or south of the equator (in the equatorial zone between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn). This ecosystem has high average temperatures and a significant amount of rainfall.

The tropical rainforest is moist deciduous and semi-evergreen seasonal forests, receive high overall rainfall with a warm summer wet season and a cooler winter dry season. Some trees in these forests drop some or all of their leaves during the winter dry season.

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Facts about Coiba:

• 147 species of birds have been found on Isla Coiba of which 21 are endemic.

• 51 species of insects have been discovered on Coiba.

• 19 species of snakes are found on Coiba, including one that is completely new to science.

• 1 endangered species of crocodile