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Coiba National Park is the largest marine protected area in the Eastern Pacific ocean. It contains over 2000 sq KM, with over 4200 acres of coral reef. Diving around Coiba is so spectacular; it is such an experience to watch the incredible variety of fish and mammals living in these waters. Encounters with white tip reef sharks, a variety of rays and sea turtles are quite normal. Swimming with schools of barracudas, Pacific spade fish, jacks and tuna also happen often. Whale and dolphin sightings are another common wonder here, as well as spotting the incredible Whale Shark along the pacific coast from December to April.

Dive Coiba expedition, is a different dive experience than many other companies in the area. We combine the fun and exploration of diving with conservation education and knowledge. Our mission is to create awareness with our tours and promote better conservation practices around Coiba island. Our diving instructors know Coiba and the surrounding area incredibly well and love to help you identify the different species of marine life you encounter on your dives.

We have a wide range of dive expeditions and packages to suit any traveler’s needs. Our basic one-day intro dive, for those new to diving or just looking for a more laid-back dive experience, is popular in our outdoor and family packages. Our one day and multi-day diving expeditions are for the experienced, qualified diver. We offer conservation certifications in a wide range of areas. We offer Sea Turtle Awareness, Shark Conservation and Whaleshark Awareness certification courses. We have also partnered with many NGOs to gather data and join in the protection of the incredible species found in this area. Become an ambassador for our seas and join us diving around Coiba island in one of our expeditions.


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White Tip Sharks feeding during a DHP night dive near Coiba National Park.