About Discover Hidden Panama

Discover Hidden Panama

Discover Hidden Panama was formed by a group of enthusiasts and friends who have been living, working and discovering the area around Coiba National Park for many years.

We came together sharing a common goal, the need to be more pro-active in each of our different specialties and capabilities. We saw the possibility of combining a business model with an environmental idea and aim. Discover Hidden Panama was created to ensure an eco-tourism result: Awareness, Education, Conservation and Preservation.

We are working to preserve Coiba National Park , the environment surrounding us, by creating awareness and  developing education programs for the local communities and the guests that visit us.

We have noticed that many people are shy away from the words conservation and preservation, believing that they cannot do anything and that only the  research or scientific community can do something.  We, at discover hidden panama, believe that you are the basis that will bring the necessary changes for the conservation and preservation of our environment. You are the ambassadors of the environment, we need you. We are only here to educate and make you aware. Coming here as a guest but leaving as a conservationist.