The Sustainable Eco Lodge

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View from a cabin

The eco lodge is your portal to discovering the hidden world of Coiba island. As a guest at the eco lodge you experience so much more than just lodging. You can immerse yourself in the many marine and wildlife conservation programs around the eco lodge. Learn about the rare and unique species in the Coiba national park. Dive or snorkel with us and help in our studies and research.  Observe of Manta rays, the many species of whales, whale sharks and corals. Enjoy our classes on underwater photography.  Learn how to photograph these endangered species. Hike the primary rain forest with our experienced naturalist guide.  Join in our adventures and encounter rare birds, monkeys and endemic species found nowhere else in the world.

Children love the Starfish Adventure Club.  They can have fun and learn about all the amazing animals while parents relax on the beach or set off on one of our many expeditions.

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  • We are in contact with 18 different international and national non-profit organizations contributing data for the protection and preservation of some of the most endangered species.
  • The lodge is continually working to improve its sources of renewable energy, including solar, wind, composting and natural methane resources.
  • We took the Oceana Pledge to reduce our plastic usage. We recycle plastic bags and bottles into baskets, bird houses, rugs, flower pots and more.
  • We offer a full line of organic, all natural, super effective bug repellents and coral reef friendly sunscreens.
  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. At the eco lodge we reuse paper, cardboard, glass bottles and large plastic containers.  Composting all organics to use for the garden as fertilizer. Our trash is separated into three bins for either reusing or recycling.
  • At the eco lodge we do not sell bottled water, but instead provide purified water for our guests to fill their water bottles.
  • At discover hidden panama we sponsor and host community awareness educational programs to promote sustainable fishing, discourage turtle egg poaching and programs on recycling, ocean conservation, snake bite prevention and more.
  • We participate with one of our favorite charities, ‘Light the Path’, to distribute solar lanterns to those living in communities without electricity.
  • We invite all of our guests to join us in our sustainable practices and conservation efforts.

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    A cabin at the eco lodge