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Panama is one of the most diverse countries in the world for bird species with over 976 species recorded, more than Canada and the US combined. The diversity and abundance of birds in this area makes Panama bird watching tours a must for anyone visiting the country.

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Coiba National Park, classified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by The Audubon Society and Birdlife International, is one of the best places in Panama for bird lovers. Over 147 species of birds are found on the island, of which 20 species and subspecies are endemic. Coiba has become a refuge for species that have largely disappeared from Panama including the Crested Eagle and Scarlet Macaw.

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Coiba National Park and its surrounding area combine the best of bird habitats: Primary and secondary rainforest, multiple mangrove forests, swamps, beaches and forest foothills. The different habitats lend to a variety of fun and varied tours for the bird enthusiast.


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