Panama’s Teen Camp Coiba


Students come together in a fun, adventure filled Marine & Wildlife Conservation Camp where they will make new friends, spend their days exploring new ecosystems and evenings filled with exciting outdoor activities. Discover Hidden Panama has developed programming designed to build your teen’s self-confidence and develop their leadership & team building skills. Camp opportunities encourage teens to display initiative and to practice critical thinking and communications skills.
Our camps are limited to 24 students so we can maintain our 4:1 ratio of counselors to students.

Study Sea Turtle Conservation:
Study the five different species of sea turtles in Coiba National Park.
Learn about the endangered sea turtles, why they are threatened and what can be done to protect them. Snorkel with the sea turtles, photograph them, record data for conservation organizations and researchers.
Students will be working in teams to develop programs for the protection of the sea turtles and will work together on developing an awareness campaign, as well as upcycling projects with plastic bags, which are one of the greatest threats to sea turtles in Coiba National Park.
Students will earn an internationally recognized certification in Sea Turtle Conservation and with the knowledge and skills they develop, will be able to go on to aid turtle conservation agencies in their future travels.
Whale and Whale Shark Conservation:
Students will be observing, photographing and recording data while working with six different research and conservation organizations.
Learn why these magnificent, docile creatures are endangered.
Learn about shark finning and how it is affecting the whale sharks and how illegal whaling in Antarctica is affecting the whale populations.
Students learn underwater photography so they can photograph the marine life.
Students will have the opportunity to snorkel with and photograph the whale sharks. Note: Though whale sharks are commonly sighted in Coiba National Park, it is impossible to guarantee the sighting of them, though every effort is made to ensure that students have this awe-inspiring experience.
Students will work in teams, developing posters and campaigns with their photos to help build awareness and protection of the whale sharks.

Wildlife Conservation Studies:
Hike through the primary rain forest of the island while learning about Coiba’s recently discovered insects, plants and animals that are completely new to the scientific community.


Ages 12-14 finalages 15-18