Mangrove Tour

Panama Mangrove Tour Golfo de Montijo
We offer guided Mangrove tour on the pacific shores of Panama, and in the National park of Coiba island. The Mangrove tour goes right in the heart of the Mangroves, observing the inhabitant of the mangroves, a very important and delicate eco system.
Researchers are calling the most diverse and pristine Mangroves in Central America. We quietly sleuth through the mangroves studying birds, fish, turtle & reptile species that come to feed and nest in this hidden and forgotten ecosystem. The mangrove tour is not to be missed!

Travel by boat to Golfo de Montijo declared an internationally important wetland by UNESCO, an area protected for its infinite biodiversity. Explore the deep inlets of mangroves home to a multitude of species including: crocodiles, turtles, fish and birds, including the endangered yellow billed cotinga.

Explore the untouched mangrove forest in Coiba island, home to red, white and black mangrove.

Our aim at Discover Hidden Panama, is to provide a level of conservation and preservation education with each of our tours. We want travellers to find a cause they are passionate about and learn ways they can continue supporting and contributing in their future travels.

Mangrove Tours

Mangrove half day Expedition $55 per person [iphorm_popup id=”3″ name=”Accommodations”][/iphorm_popup]
Coiba Mangrove and River Day Tour $85 per person [iphorm_popup id=”3″ name=”Accommodations”][/iphorm_popup]

Minimum of six people for both the ‘Mangrove half day Expedition’ and the ‘Coiba mangrove and river tour’. Contact us for a quotation for smaller groups.

Expedition includes: An experienced conservationist guide, food and beverages, rubber boots, an emergency first aid kit, VHF radio and GPS will be available. There is time to snorkel or relax on the beach too.

You need to bring ponchos for rainy conditions, sunscreen lotions, insect repellents (preferably natural products such as pure coconut oil products), binoculars and cameras.


OUR MISSION: Discover Hidden Panama, is evaluating ways to participate in ongoing studies and field work by the national authorities and NGOs in their efforts to preserve the mangrove forest. We will keep updated, and hopefully launch a program in the future in connection with mangrove forest conservation. We would be needing volunteers, interested  schools and universities, students, so get in touch with us. We would appreciate your ideas and input.