Brown-Back Dove: Weekly Wildlife Spotlight

Photo Courtesy of Bird Coiba

Photo Courtesy of Bird Coiba

Scientific Name:

Leptotila Battyi

Common Name:

Brown-back Dove

Population Estimate:

Estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000. The population is suspected to be declining slowly, because of on-going habitat destruction and hunting.

Where To Find Them:

The Brown-backed Dove is endemic to Panama. They can only be found on Isla Coiba, Isla Cebaco, and in Cerro Hoya National Park on the Azuero Peninsula. On the mainland, the dove is typically found in areas, because of the habitat destruction in the lowlands of the Azuero Peninsula. On Coiba and Cebaco, the Brown-back inhabits wooded swamps and high forest.

How to Spot Them:

These brown doves are medium-sized with a grey nape, throat and crown. Their brown tail is tipped with white. The doves underparts are white on the belly, and their legs are a dull red.

IUCN Redlist Status:

IUCN has rated the Brown-back Dove as VULNERABLE and is close to being listed as endangered because of its limited range.

How We’re Helping:

We are working with two NGOs to track these and other birds on Coiba. We are currently working with both the National and Panama Audubon Societies to photograph and gather data on the Brown-back Dove in order to help track population and species health. We are also working with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in gathering data on this endemic bird.
We regularly lead bird-watching hikes through Coiba’s pristine, primary rain-forest and teach our guests how to better photograph and gather information on their bird sightings. We also teach travelers how to use their findings to contribute to the work of our NGO partners.

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